Occupy Something…

These days there is a lot of occupation happening.

Join in; occupy something!

Even if it is only your own mind!

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Respect your elders…

…or at least listen to them, they have done a lot of stupid things, and by listening you might save yourself the hassle of repeating them.

Oh, you will do a lot of stupid things, we all do! And it’s OK, but even though it is OK it doesn’t mean that we should not try to avoid it. It just means that we should not beat ourselves up about having done them, that is just more stupidity.

Learn! Listen to your elders, and learn!

I just spent my Saturday in a hospital with one of the people who has meant the most to me, she just turned 92 and she is sharper than most, she just is not as healthy as she could have been because she did something stupid. She spent  two thirds of her life smoking cigarettes, and now she has realised that it was stupid, she knew all along it was dangerous, she told me a few times that they knew that back in the thirties, no the stupid thing was, that even if she knew, she carried on.

And now you might query how I respect my elders by saying that they are stupid? Well I try to respect them by listening to them. I am not saying she is stupid, she tells me she did a stupid choice. She ignored knowledge that she had and she is telling me about it so that I don’t have to do the same mistake. I respect that! And I am repeating it to you, hoping that her words, and her suffering, will help many more to avoid doing the same mistake…

It made me think of the sunscreen song, and I think that the sunscreen song will henceforth always make me think of her.

I’ll leave you with the lyrics, read and take heed!



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a Pirate am I…

The web are the new seas upon which we can surf and sail.

Upon the web sea there are Pirates, and to them I feel akin, as always when there are Pirates the Company tries to fight them with all that they can.

At the moment the Company is attacking hard, on many fronts, Piratebay got sentenced for what I perceive as a non-crime in Sweden. And now the whole Wikileaks affair.

Wikileaks seems to have become synonymous with Julian Assange and there are a lot of speculations when it comes to this,  to keep the worst conspiracies to myself, I will stay content with saying that as far as I can deduce from various press sources the girls in question have not filed any charges, the first prosecutor that was on the case turned it down, and he is only wanted for questioning…

But, even if he is guilty of said charges, it does not render the work he is doing on Wikileaks any less important then what it is! And for the economical world to react the way they  do at the moment is completely outragous. They will deal with the money of dictators and criminals, but not with Wikileaks? These are the companies we entrust our money with! We all use them, read up and see if you don’t, I would like to remind you all that if we do not do anything now, then next time they will not let certain writers use their services because they do not agree with the content of their books, or certain networks because they do not like their way of delivering the news, or musicians, or… you!

I do not know about you, but I am joining Flattr, and I am donating to Wikileaks, because if the Americans wants to make the world in to “us” and “them” well,  then it looks more and more for everyday that passes that I am with “them”!

And we; “the them”; we be pirates!

And how do this relate to my choice of topic for this blog?

If you willingly give up the freedom your ancestors fought and died for in order to sustain a little sense of security, the liberty that people in many places on our planet is still fighting and dying for, then you deserve neither liberty nor security, you will loose them both, and you are stupid if you believe it is not so!

(Thank you Benjamin Franklin!)

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There may yet be hope…

We were a couple of adults sitting discussing things with my ten year old son and his friend evesdropping as children do.

At the mention of the word “condom” a bit of giggling occured. My friend then asked them if they know what a condom is, to which more giggling followed by: “Yes, it’s disgusting!”

I then asked the kids if they know what a “Pope” is. They didn’t!

There might still be hope for the planet!

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Shopping for Peace (of mind)

We shop too much!

With “We” I am refering to the ones lucky enough to be born into the part of the population who have some money to spare after we have eaten.

Apart from shopping for more than we need I think we show signs of stupidity in the way that we do not realise, or in the way we choose to ignore the power we hold in our hand when paying for our purchase.

I am not here going to tell you what countries, companies or perhaps leaders of either, you shall or shall not support. That is entirely up to you. But let me list a few that could be called questionable if one looks at certain crimes they commit onto the peeople, may they so be democratic or not.

China, for holding the world record of executions, to mention just one thing.

Israel, for the killing of protesting seafarers, to mention just one thing.

Iran, stoner of women, to mention just one thing.

Saudi Arabia, for polluting the world, with religion, to mention just one thing.

The Vatican, for the genocide of the Cathari, to mention just one thing.

Coca Cola, for draining the ground water for communities in India, to mention just one thing.

I have here only given a few samples, the list could probably be made to contain most countries, and most companies depending on your stance on various issues. It is up to each and every one of us to decide who we want to support, and who not! And that decision lies at the moment you purchase something. That is when you show your support, or not. You got the power, to believe differently is stupidity. And remember, the money that you hand over to “them” is the same money they then use to secure their power and to commit further atrocities with.

This is, I know, easy to say, but think about it, you can make a difference for that which you believe in!

Also, looking from our point of view China might appear as far away from us as the middle ages. But is it really? The world is shrinking, and I do not know where a lot of people are getting the idea that our way of life, the minority way with democracy and relative freedom of speech and thought, will become the predominate way of life in times to come. By rather putting money in the pockets of those who promote the democratic way of life for all humankind, instead of putting it in the pockets of those who are plotting the destruction of things like democracy, freedom of speech and other rights that some of us humans take for granted. then, and only then may we insure that this which we enjoy, and believe is good can be a possibility for us all.

But remember, in order for that to happen you must be willing to pay for someone elses time with the same amount as you want to be paid for yours. Are you?

Stupidity is a choice…

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As you can see from the headline I want to set the subject right away.

This is a new forum to me so you can count on me not knowing what the proper way to do this is. I am just assuming, as stupid people do, that my way is the right way.

My intention here is to dissect some of the news that catch my eye. And in doing so I am sure I will find a lot of stupidity! Because the one thing I have realised is that if there is a trait common to humanity as a species, it is just that; we are all stupid.

You are, I am, He, She , It is!

There is hope in the world though, because as a man less stupid than me once told me; “Stupidity is a choice, not an affliction!”

So there are choices for all us to make…

This is my blog, and you’re welcome to it!

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Hello world!

The Patalogic blogg is on…

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