a Pirate am I…

The web are the new seas upon which we can surf and sail.

Upon the web sea there are Pirates, and to them I feel akin, as always when there are Pirates the Company tries to fight them with all that they can.

At the moment the Company is attacking hard, on many fronts, Piratebay got sentenced for what I perceive as a non-crime in Sweden. And now the whole Wikileaks affair.

Wikileaks seems to have become synonymous with Julian Assange and there are a lot of speculations when it comes to this,  to keep the worst conspiracies to myself, I will stay content with saying that as far as I can deduce from various press sources the girls in question have not filed any charges, the first prosecutor that was on the case turned it down, and he is only wanted for questioning…

But, even if he is guilty of said charges, it does not render the work he is doing on Wikileaks any less important then what it is! And for the economical world to react the way they  do at the moment is completely outragous. They will deal with the money of dictators and criminals, but not with Wikileaks? These are the companies we entrust our money with! We all use them, read up and see if you don’t, I would like to remind you all that if we do not do anything now, then next time they will not let certain writers use their services because they do not agree with the content of their books, or certain networks because they do not like their way of delivering the news, or musicians, or… you!

I do not know about you, but I am joining Flattr, and I am donating to Wikileaks, because if the Americans wants to make the world in to “us” and “them” well,  then it looks more and more for everyday that passes that I am with “them”!

And we; “the them”; we be pirates!

And how do this relate to my choice of topic for this blog?

If you willingly give up the freedom your ancestors fought and died for in order to sustain a little sense of security, the liberty that people in many places on our planet is still fighting and dying for, then you deserve neither liberty nor security, you will loose them both, and you are stupid if you believe it is not so!

(Thank you Benjamin Franklin!)

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